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Foto: Matthias Friel

Colloquium for Public Management - Einzelansicht

Veranstaltungsart Kolloquium Veranstaltungsnummer
SWS 2 Semester SoSe 2023
Einrichtung Wirtschaftswissenschaften   Sprache englisch
Belegungsfrist 03.04.2023 - 17.05.2023

Belegung über PULS
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    Tag Zeit Rhythmus Dauer Raum Lehrperson Ausfall-/Ausweichtermine Max. Teilnehmer/-innen
Einzeltermine anzeigen
Kolloquium Di 08:00 bis 10:00 wöchentlich 18.04.2023 bis 25.07.2023  3.06.S14 Prof. Dr. Proeller ,
Adam ,
Drathschmidt ,

 +++ WE ADVISE ALL GERMAN SPEAKING STUDENT TO ENROLL IN THE FOLLOWING COURSE: Kolloquium für Abschlussarbeiten „Public Management“ - Einzelansicht +++

In the colloquium students who are or will be supervised at the chair are given the opportunity to present their projects. The aim is to discuss the topic, question, methodology and, if applicable, results of the respective project through feedback from fellow students and the supervisor, to clarify open questions and thus to accompany the writing of the thesis or the corresponding research process.

The number of course participants may be limited. The weekly dates are reserved for the German sessions. The block dates for the English sessions will be given by Prof. Proeller this semester. For all organizational questions and questions regarding booking/crediting and enrolment, please contact: hiwi-puma@uni-potsdam.de.


Literature and lecture notes will be provided via Moodle.


Prerequisite for participation is the intention to work on a final thesis (diploma, bachelor or master thesis) in the field of public or nonprofit management.


Presentation, short exposé, written performance (state of research)

Keine Einordnung ins Vorlesungsverzeichnis vorhanden. Veranstaltung ist aus dem Semester SoSe 2023 , Aktuelles Semester: WiSe 2023/24