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Foto: Matthias Friel

Modernization in the public sector - Strategic Management - Einzelansicht

Veranstaltungsart Seminar Veranstaltungsnummer 152
SWS 2 Semester SoSe 2020
Einrichtung Wirtschaftswissenschaften   Sprache englisch
Belegungsfrist 20.04.2020 - 10.05.2020

Belegung über PULS
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Seminar Mo 14:00 bis 16:00 wöchentlich 13.04.2020 bis 20.07.2020  3.06.S15 Prof. Dr. Siegel  

This course deals with the impact of strategy on the performance of public sector organizations. A particular focus will be organizational capabilities as mediators (?) between strategy and performance. We will look at theoretical/conceptual aspects as well as practical methods and examples. 

Successfully participating in the course will require a substantial amount of reading and sensemaking e.g. in discussions and a learning diary.

In addition to that, for passing the course in terms of a module examination, students are suppoed to write an essay on an issue related to the content of the course.

The course is suited for students with previous exposure to public management (particularly the course on Foundations of Public Management).

Further information and material will be provided via Moodle. 


The number of participants might be limited. If you have any organizational questions please contact hiwi-puma@uni-potsdam.de



PLEASE NOTE: Details on e-teaching-formats will be announced via e-mail after your application in PULS. Moodle: StratMan_Sose20. Link: https://moodle2.uni-potsdam.de/course/view.php?id=22805. The password for moodle is: Puma2020.

Keine Einordnung ins Vorlesungsverzeichnis vorhanden. Veranstaltung ist aus dem Semester SoSe 2020 , Aktuelles Semester: WiSe 2020/21