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Foto: Matthias Friel

Höhere Festkörperphysik - Einzelansicht

Veranstaltungsart Vorlesung Veranstaltungsnummer
SWS 2 Semester WiSe 2021/22
Einrichtungen Institut für Informatik und Computational Science   Institut für Physik und Astronomie   Sprache englisch
Belegungsfrist 01.10.2021 - 10.11.2021

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    Tag Zeit Rhythmus Dauer Raum Lehrperson Ausfall-/Ausweichtermine Max. Teilnehmer/-innen
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Vorlesung Do 12:15 bis 13:45 wöchentlich 28.10.2021 bis 17.02.2022 PD Dr. Habicht 23.12.2021: Akademische Weihnachtsferien
30.12.2021: Akademische Weihnachtsferien

In case you have not registered in PULS (or cannot for any reason) please send me a short email to habicht@helmholtz-berlin.de


Dear Participants of the Advanced Solid State Physics lecture,

This year's first lecture on Advanced Solid State Physics will be given on Thursday, 28 October 2021, 12:15 - 13:45. The lecture will be held in English language as classroom (on-site) lecture with the intention of active participation, i.e. giving you the opportunity to discuss your questions during the course. In case you have not registered in PULS (or cannot for any reason) but still wish to attend the course, please send me a short email to habicht@helmholtz-berlin.de.


Please note that during the first week we will be using the exercise class on Friday, 29 October 2021, 12:15 - 13:45  for an additional lecture. The regular exercise class will start on 5 November 2021.


More information (formalities, moodle access, oral exam) will be given at the beginning of the first lecture. 


Looking forward to meet you in person !

Klaus Habicht


In case you have not registered in PULS (or cannot for any reason) please send me a short email to habicht@helmholtz-berlin.de


The beauty of solid state physics is revealed in emergent phenomena: properties of the many-body state which surpass the properties of the individual constituents, i.e. those of the bare electrons and ions. A plethora of different phases with interesting structures and dynamics, which are of fundamental interest on their own and are relevant for current and future technological applications, waits yet to be explained. This lecture on advanced solid state physics is aimed at taking you from some general basic concepts you have already seen before to developing an idea of the research level of the field.

Essentially, the contents of the lecture can be boiled down to a single question: “What happens if we expose a single-crystalline material to external electric and magnetic fields?” As you will see, there is a rich variety of answers to this by far non-trivial question which will guide us to discuss:  

-        electronic transport: from charge carrier dynamics in applied electromagnetic fields to Hall effects,

-        dielectric properties of solids: from macroscopic permittivity to microscopic models of ferroelectricity,

-        magnetism: from individual magnetic ions to magnetic order and collective magnetic excitations.

I am looking forward to fruitful discussions and very much hope that you will enjoy this guided tour through (a small part of) solid state physics eventually making you more curious.  

Keine Einordnung ins Vorlesungsverzeichnis vorhanden. Veranstaltung ist aus dem Semester WiSe 2021/22 , Aktuelles Semester: SoSe 2024