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Foto: Matthias Friel

Academic Reading and Writing - Einzelansicht

Veranstaltungsart Seminar Veranstaltungsnummer
SWS 2 Semester WiSe 2022/23
Einrichtung Institut für Mathematik   Sprache englisch
Belegungsfrist 04.10.2022 - 10.11.2022

Belegung über PULS
Gruppe 1:
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    Tag Zeit Rhythmus Dauer Raum Lehrperson Ausfall-/Ausweichtermine Max. Teilnehmer/-innen
Übung -  bis  Block am   Jun. Prof. Dr. Lie  
  Bemerkung: as required: Fr, 10-12, room 2.091.10

In this module, students will work on projects that are proposed by one or more members of the research groups at the Institute of Mathematics.

The aim of the course is for students to gain experience with reading, doing and writing about scientific research, and thereby to prepare for the Master's Thesis.


  • Participants are required to follow the principles of good academic practice, as described in the University of Potsdam's guidelines (English version).
  • Students are strongly recommended to find a supervisor and agree on a topic before the registration deadline of 10.11.2022.
  • There will be an information event about this module at 15:00 on Wednesday, 19.10.2022 in Haus 9, Room 0.17.



Please ignore the comment "as required: Fr, 10-12, room 2.091.10" above. Office hours will be arranged via Moodle.

To be granted access to the Moodle page, please print to a PDF file your academic transcript from PULS. The transcript should include your name and ID number, the list of courses you have taken and the grades you received for the course. Please e-mail this PDF file to Prof. Lie.


Students must submit a written report of their work of about 20 pages. The length of the report will be determined by the project supervisor. The report will be graded.


Students are expected to

  • work on a specific mathematical problem,
  • apply what they have learned in their coursework,
  • read research papers to find results that can be used to address the problem, and
  • write up the results of their work on the problem, following the rules of professional scientific writing.

This course is for students in the Master of Science in Mathematics who have completed at least 60 LP worth of mathematics courses and at least one mathematics seminar. It is strongly recommended that students have completed two mathematics seminars before taking this course.


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